1. They shall not inter or burn a dead man within the city.

2. . . . more than this a man shall not do . . . ; a man shall not smooth the wood for the funeral pyre with an axe.

4. Women shall not lacerate their faces, nor indulge in immoderate wailing for the dead.

5. They shall not collect the bones of a dead man for a second interment.

7. Whoever wins a crown, either in person or by his slaves or animals, or has received it for valor . . .

8. ... he shall not add gold . . . ; but gold used in joining the teeth . . . This may be burned or buried with the dead without incurring any penalty.

Table XL

(No fragments of this table are extant.)

Table XII. Supplementary Laws

2. If a slave has committed theft, or has done damage . . .

3. If either party shall have won a suit concerning property by foul means, at the discretion of the opponent . . . the magistrate shall fix the damage at twice the profits arising from the interim possession.