The scope of the action of trespass on the case is very broad, embracing not only actions for indirect trespass and consequential injuries, but also actions where the right of action is based upon the negligence,1 deceit or malice of the defendant. The remaining six chapters of this subject will be taken up with the treatment of the various wrongs redressed under this form of action. Chapter VIII (Infants. Section 59. Definition) has as its subject the various forms of injuries caused through intermediate agencies. Chapter IX (Guardian And Ward. Section 66. Definition And Classification) will take up injuries to real property-waste and nuisance. Chapter X (Deceit. Section 54. Definition), actions for deceit; Chapter XI (Actions Involving Malice. Section 61. Malicious Prosecution), wrongs where malice is an element, and Chapter XII (Slander And Libel. Section 70. Definitions), slander and libel and Chapter XIII (Negligence. Section 82. The Action For Negligence), injuries caused by negligence.

Actions for infringements of Patents and Copyrights, which are a species of trespass on the case, will be discussed under these titles in the next volume of this series.2

1 Malice may be an element in either trespass or trespass on the case actions, but to prevent repetition is treated in its entirety under the present heading.

2 Patents, Volume V, Subject 15 Copyrights, Volume V, Subject 16.