There are some people who never like to be alone. They are constantly craving companionship or excitement of one kind or another. It makes them lonely and nervous to be left by themselves. This condition illustrates lack of culture; they have failed to develop their own minds, consequently can feel no companionship with their inner thoughts and feelings, and without excitement or company they are at a loss to know what to do with themselves. Again, other people may so enjoy the companionship of their own thoughts and ideals that it becomes almost in the nature of a recreation to them to be left, for a season, to themselves. Everyone should know how much his own happiness is dependent upon real communion with his inner self and how much his outer life requires of this inner self, in order to make that outer as perfect as the inner. The supreme object of life is to develop the whole man - soul, mind and body - to purify and refine the whole life. It is not a question of development in one direction or another, but an all-around development that affects the whole man. There is within us a higher consciousness than that consciousness which consists of the world and the things of the world. Through this cultivation we come at last to recognise that heaven is a condition of mind, that the kingdom of God lives in us, that we possess it and are possessed by it. Potentially, every human being has this kingdom within himself, but many are unaware of it. They are lacking in true consciousness concerning it. There are many steps leading up to its discovery. We may use many things as aids to help us in the way of attainment, to bring light to enlighten our way.

Music and poetry can be made to unlock the gates of Heaven, so that the inner glory and radiance are mirrored by the mind, and the whole life is quickened and renewed. Through the constant use of music and poetry, there come new visions and a new outlook upon all life. Everything in the outer is translated into terms of beauty. We see, hear, and feel nature through her rhythm of melody and harmony. There comes, as it were, a new appreciation of nature; so that while we see an infinity of diversity of forms and an infinite variety of beauty, yet we have the consciousness that all the variety and diversity are necessary to one complete whole. That "All are but parts of one stupendous whole, whose body nature is and God the soul." It is in this way that life takes on new meaning and that the mind, instead of being filled with the strain and stress of living, becomes optimistic and buoyant. It is in reality a new birth wherein everything seems as though it were made new; and the individual who has found such a life, and knows that he is a part of it, will consciously ever after seek to keep his life in accord with all inner and outer life. If we desire to refine and make our lives harmonious as well as beautiful, we should be willing to take the one way that will give us not only the surest and the most direct, but the best results. A worldly minded person might say that the following out of such a course would be fatal to what he calls success in life. But success is not measured half so much by what a man has in the way of possessions, as by what a man is in the way of development. Life cannot be measured by things that are temporary, by things which change and pass away. Life can only be measured by the things which endure. Material possessions are for the moment, spiritual and mental possessions are for eternity. Worldly ambition too often stands in the way of true success. "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" We may have worldly riches and yet, in passing from this world and entering into another, we may find ourselves in a state of real poverty, lacking everything necessary to real life and living. The real riches of life must be acquired some time and somewhere, so why defer the day? Why not see that the present time is the accepted time? Why not lay up treasure while it is to-day, and prepare the way for a still greater life, and a still greater happiness in the time to come? For the truly successful life is the one which by its own fulness of love and wisdom is able to impart love and wisdom to others.