Now, music was given to us to help us overcome all the unrealities of life in the easiest and best way. Wherever true rhythm is lacking, music supplies it; wherever melody is lacking in the life, music brings it; where discord exists, harmony overcomes it. The sick, the diseased, and the sorrowing are all out of tune; their conditions are as unreal as any of the contradictories of life that we have just enumerated. All such conditions, whether of mind or of body, have an existence but have no reality. Why should the wild animal creation be almost entirely free from disease while with man diseases go on multiplying? The superior knowledge possessed by man should do more for him than the very limited intelligence or instinct of the animals, and yet we find quite the reverse of this is true. The Founder of Christianity once said: "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." The eye has not yet become single and mankind is living a double life. Part of his life is that of a god and the other phase is that of a devil. At one moment he acts one part, and at another he may be acting the other part. The god-like man is positive in his thought, harmonious in his actions; he is a creative man, always doing, always accomplishing, ever pushing forward toward the light; inspired from within by the universal Spirit; but when he loses this consciousness he reverts to what he was in the past, and for the time being comes under the control of all the old passions of his former elemental life. We say he loses his temper, but the condition is a reversal to a temper that controlled him possibly in a distant past; all the elemental activities of his animal nature come into the ascendant, and man in this condition is a devil incarnate. Instead of being creative, he is destructive; instead of being courageous, he is fearful; instead of living the positive life, he is living a life that is made up of negatives. This is the life that has to be so fully overcome that it will be impossible for the man ever to revert to it, or be controlled by it again; this is the life that music and colour in harmony of beauty as the light bearers of truth are to overcome. We give reality to all the old consciousness, but the truth is not in it. The old, the partial, the incomplete must be superseded by a consciousness of the divine that makes for perfect self-control. When the full consciousness comes, "then that which is in part shall be done away." Man is the son of God, having dominion and power over, not only his own life, but all things. He has not yet reached in his consciousness the fulfilment of this, but he has, in some cases, felt the prophecy of it and in a confident, expectant way is looking forward to the time when he shall realise the full measure of true manhood, when he shall have passed from death unto life to "the glorious liberty of a son of God."

Rhythm, melody, harmony, and beauty combining in the life will make it God-like, will free it from sin, pain, and disease, will bring to life the joy that shall dispel the sorrow, the light that shall overcome the darkness, the love that shall overcome the hate.

"Then, through the silence overhead, An angel with a trumpet said,

'Forevermore, forevermore, The reign of violence is o'er!' And like an instrument that flings Its music on another's strings, The trumpet of the angel cast Upon the heavenly lyre its blast, And on from sphere to sphere the word Reechoed down the burning chords, -

'Forevermore, forevermore, The reign of violence is o'er"

This will regenerate and beautify not only man's inner life, but also his outer world; for as man grows into a knowledge of love and wisdom, as he realises all the rhythm and colour of life, he will beautify his outer world so that the desert shall be made to blossom as the rose. The time is near at hand when all this shall come to pass. All lovers of music and of colour can hasten the coming of the new time by doing everything within their power to interest and impress others with this vital necessity for music, with the vital necessity for beauty, until at last the whole earth shall sing its new song, and life shall have gained its triumphant victory over death and the grave; then the ears and the soul of man will have become attuned to the celestial and eternal music of the spheres; then there shall be no more night, neither shall there be any more sorrow, for "God shall wipe away all tears," and to His Name shall be attributed all honour and glory forever and ever.