"Earth, these solid stars, this weight of body and limb, Are they not sign and symbol of thy division from Him?

Dark is the world to thee; thyself art the reason why, For is He not all but thou, that hast power to feel 'I am I?'

Is not the vision He, tho' He be not that which He seems? Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?

Speak to Him, thou, for He hears, and Spirit with Spirit can meet - Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet."

It is through the speaking, through the reaching out and coming in touch with it that the vision comes, and with it the inner light which is to enlighten the world. We are parts of Him and the part may consciously come to know the whole and consciously be at one with it, and have its every need supplied. There is an ever-ascending scale of being, for the ending of one stage of development is only the beginning of another. As man consciously feels after God, there comes the realisation of sonship and that in Him is our strength and our health, and that from Him comes every good and every perfect gift.

"Pleased rather with some soft ideal scene The work of Fancy, or some happy tone Of meditation, slipping in between The beauty coming and the beauty gone.

" - If thought and love desert us, from that day Let us break off all commerce with the Muse: With Thought and Love companions of our way -

"Whate'er the senses take or may refuse, - The Mind's eternal heaven shall shed her dews Of inspiration on the humblest lay."

Cosmic Consciousness may not as yet be recognised by the mentality of the world at large, because it takes the spirit in man to discern the things of the Spirit, and until the life unfolds to the inner vision and the inner hearing man is blind and deaf to the things of the Spirit. Only he that hath eyes shall see, only he that hath ears shall hear.