We know that the Egyptians were in possession of a wonderful knowledge of the secrets of nature, and that Moses was thoroughly versed in Egyptian occult lore, and that he, in turn, was enabled to impart this knowledge to Joshua. The overthrowing of the walls was the result of a direct molecular wave action, one produced by the trumpets sounding at some definite range of pitch so as to cause all the molecules in the wall to respond, and the constant repetition of the sound brought about the destruction of the walls. Perhaps this could be best illustrated by an army of men crossing a bridge, all keeping step. At first there would be a slightly perceptible movement of the bridge, but from the first movement on it would become an ever-increasing one, until without the breaking of the step, in many cases, the bridge would be destroyed. We are only beginning to understand a little of this great question of vibration, but that little shows how wonderful is the power with which we are dealing.

I know there are many who will assert that music and colour vibration can have no direct action upon man's physical body, and therefore can possess no real value for the cure of purely physical diseases. I wish to state, however, that there is a direct physical action resulting from both sound and colour vibration. Let me illustrate this: as I sit in my study, with doors and windows closed, I am conscious of many sounds rising from the street below. Now all these sounds can only reach my hearing through molecular sound waves. Those waves before they can be translated into sound by my ear must penetrate and pass through what we call solid matter, and set up molecular vibration in the very room in which I am sitting. Furthermore, they must set up the same vibration in the wood, glass, or walls through which they pass. Now, if this be the case, as scientists affirm it is, is it reasonable to suppose that this molecular vibration exerts its influence only on my ear, and does not extend to the whole physical organism? No, the body of man is more fully alive and in a far more rapid state of vibration than wood, glass, or stone, and for that reason molecular sound vibration must exert even a greater influence upon it, and there cannot be the slightest question but that the molecules of the body are affected to at least the same, or even a greater, degree than those in the wood, glass, or stone. I assert, therefore, that there is a direct physical action produced by molecular vibration upon the body of man, and of whatever quality the initial vibration may have been, whether it was rhythmic and melodious or un-rhythmic'and discordant, the original vibratory wave is followed by exactly the same kind of waves from first to last. For instance, if one should ring a silver bell, the only difference produced by its sound to persons standing at different distances from it would be that the one who was nearest to the bell would hear a greater volume of sound than the one who was farthest from it, but the silver quality of the sound would be exactly the same to both. An iron bell, if sounded under the same conditions, would convey to the same listeners a harsh iron sound or tone. What I desire to show by this is, we know that the melody and harmony of sound vibration must of a necessity produce melody and harmony so long as that vibration continues; therefore, since melodious and harmonious vibrations impinge upon the ear and produce identical molecular vibrations in the body, it follows that these harmonious molecular vibrations of the body would later become fully expressed in physical health and strength, while inharmonious molecular vibrations would give exactly the opposite result. People might retort by saying that the musical vibration that would set up harmony of vibration in the physical would only have, at best, a momentary or passing effect, and there-fore could not be of permanent value. In reply to this I would say that constant repetition of musical vibration would tend to eventually establish a permanent condition of harmonious physical vibrations. It is a well known fact that once you have established a habit of body or mind, it becomes easier to live that habit than to depart from it; therefore, for such reasons I maintain that once you systematically set up rhythmic, harmonious, molecular vibrations in the body, it will be far easier to retain that condition than to depart from it. Sometimes when one is" listening to vocal or instrumental music a note is sounded or a chord struck which sends a vibratory thrill throughout the whole body. Without doubt, the note or chord made its appeal to something very deep in our nature, to something in the subconscious mind of the past, or to some deep passion or emotion of the soul; therefore, it is obvious, if one note or chord can set up a vibration, as it were, involuntarily, how much more deeply might we be physically affected by vibrations consciously prolonged with a view to the regeneration or re-vitalising of mind and body. There must be persistently directed effort to the full awakening of the highest as well as the deepest of the soul's emotions, for we live at our greatest when we feel the most. When mind and body vibrate to soul-feeling, all is well, for the melody of life comes only from within. The soul alone can build our minds and fashion our bodies; the soul alone can give melody to mind and symmetry to body. I maintain, then, that all molecular vibration sets up an action of the molecules of the body similar to that produced in the first instance; that harmonious musical vibration produces exactly the same kind of vibration in man's physical organism, and therefore no one can question but that music does act directly on the body of man.

Now let us go a step farther. Does colour produce a similar action? We are told that as the rays of light touch the optic nerve, we see. Now, according to the length and rapidity of these waves, we see different colours. Scientists tell us that light waves result from the vibration of atoms. As the atoms are so much smaller than molecules, they are not affected by the atmosphere in the same way as are the latter. The vibrations of electricity, heat, and light are infinitely more rapid. The same question, therefore, confronts us in relation to atomic, as to molecular vibration. Does such vibration coming in touch with the optic nerve end with that contact alone, or does it exert an influence on every atom of man's body? Without doubt, that which affects the part must act equally on the whole; whether the vibration be molecular or atomic, the whole body is affected, and it is only a question of degree, not of kind. A thorough investigation will ultimately show that there is even an electron vibration which has its influence upon the body. We know so little as yet concerning vibration, and there is so much to be known, that even in our wildest flights of imagination we cannot conceive of the full effect vibration has had on life, nor the still greater effects it will have when we consciously come to understand its use aright and so obtain from it still greater results. Now I come to what I consider of far more importance than the explanations just given of the action of molecular and atomic vibration upon the body, namely, the action produced upon one's feelings. A note struck on a musical instrument will sometimes cause a note in another instrument to respond to it, and as a result a new vibration is set up. In the same way rhythm and melody vibration come in touch with the rhythm and melody in the life of man, and new vibrations are set up. It first of all reaches the soul of the man who is receptive to it, and extending to his mind, and then to his body, produces exactly the same quality of vibration on all three planes of being. This vibration continues on its outer movement and touching the bodies, minds, and souls of other people, it affects them to a certain degree in the same manner as the first individual was affected. It is thus, then, music awakens man's inmost feelings, and either sets up in his life or calls out into expression the rhythm, melody, and harmony that potentially exist within the life of every man that cometh into the world. Music and colour can, therefore, be used to establish the conscious reality of one's soul, to renew the mind, and to make whole the body. They can prove a perfect salvation for man, a salvation from sin and sorrow of mind, disease and death of the body, and an uplift to his soul. For when man becomes attuned to celestial music, he will pass from under the bondage of the discordant, inharmonious vibrations which are destructive to all form, and come under the influence of music and colour vibrations which are eternal.