If one can use harmony in one's daily life, one will get from it not only quality but quantity as well. For harmony is necessary to all true expression, whether it be in music, in work, or in one's relation to one's fellow-man. Each person has the power within himself to produce the harmony that is necessary to live life in a lawful, orderly way. Each person must make his own harmony. No one can have it done by proxy. His life will become just as great and as beautiful as he wishes and wills it to become. He can make his mind receptive to the inner rhythm and melody through a constant effort on his part to make that rhythm and melody thoroughly harmonious in his outer life. Humanity is one great body of which each individual is a part. Each part must realise its relation to the whole, and through such realisation become harmoniously related to the whole. The part owes this to the whole, and when it has established true relationship, then it becomes responsive to all the strength and health and power that exists in the whole. The full attention of the individual must first of all be directed to forming his true relationship to the grand body of humanity. And when that is once fully established, there will come all the receiving that is in any way necessary to the part.

In the past, the individual thought of himself, not only as being separated from the Power that brought him into existence, but also separated from his fellow-men, having to stand alone, as it were, entirely dependent upon himself and his own resources. In the last few years there has been a gradual change from that way of looking at life. New ideals are entering the minds of men and women. Intellectually they are beginning to perceive the great, all-inclusive brotherhood of humanity. Only in a minor way have we begun to feel that brotherhood; for thought without feeling is never productive of great results. But if we can think and even feel a little of this brotherhood, then we are on the right road, and eventually there must come the fuller feeling and the larger thought. Each person whose mind is filled with this ideal of brotherhood may hasten the day of its coming by trying, in his limited way, to live that which he feels and thinks. He must live that which he feels and thinks so that he may become a living example of what true brotherhood should mean in the world. His heart should be imbued with lovingkindness and good will. His every effort should be directed toward a full and free outward expression of all that he feels and thinks in his inner consciousness. In following this course, he not only becomes a light to the lives of others, but he is in an ever-ascending scale which will carry him from one height to a still greater one. Through blessing the world he is blessing himself. Through giving happiness he is receiving happiness. His life has become a never-ending melody. He is leaving the dead things of the past behind and is pressing forward to those things which lie before.

"But life shall on and upward go; Th' eternal step of Progress beats To that great anthem, calm and slow, Which God repeats."

In conclusion, let me briefly sum up a few of the benefits to be derived from music and colour. Let us take, in the first place, the healing of the body of man. When the body is sick or diseased, a diagnosis will show that its molecular vibration is unrhythmic and inharmonious; the circulation of the blood is so disturbed by this condition that there is too great a flow to some parts of the body and not sufficient to the other parts; consequently, the body is not evenly nourished in all parts. If the harmony of rhythm could be again established, without doubt the body would resume its normal or healthy condition. Through the production of rhythm, melody, and harmony of musical sound there would be set up in the body exactly the same kind of vibration as that produced by the music, because whatever may be the original kind or quality of vibration, it continues to the end. Such musical vibration, then, of a consequence produces molecular musical vibration of the body, and restores it to its necessary harmony. Again, in a certain, yet in a much finer way, harmony of colour vibration would act on all the atoms of man's body to produce harmonious atomic vibration. In the restoration of the body to its normal physical health and strength, the one important thing to know would be the kind or quality of music and colour necessary to set up the harmony of molecular and atomic vibration. It will be found that the heart and the mind of the patient must be, as it were, attuned to both, because the body is only the instrument upon which vibration acts, and if the heart and mind are not attuned to vibration, it cannot produce other than temporary results. In other words, in order to maintain the rhythm and harmony of molecular and atomic vibration it becomes necessary that heart and mind should undoubtedly become attuned to sound and colour vibration, and in this way a habit be established; for a habit once formed tends to make permanent any condition, whether it be of mind or of body.

A step farther brings us to a still more important matter. Man is a little cosmos, summing up in his physical body every element in the physical universe, and in his spiritual nature every quality that exists or has its being in the Universal Soul. His physical body being a part of the universe and being more alive than any form on earth, must respond in a greater way to vibratory energy than does any other. But the degree to which any form may be said to be alive, must be dependent upon the life and consciousness that animates it. Only the occasional man in the past has been alive or conscious of his relation to the whole, of his at-one-ment, not only to the universe of form, but the universe of spirit as well. Without such realisation or consciousness, the life does not know how to establish the rhythm and harmony that must exist between the part and the whole. For the part must eventually come to beat in conscious rhythm, melody, and harmony with the whole. Everything necessary for this exists potentially in the soul, but man in his mentality has not awakened to it, and consequently, is not using all his innate powers and possibilities. But music and colour may both be made to cause the inner chords of life to vibrate in unison with the great Cosmic forces of the universe, and when this is brought to pass, man will have attained consciously to the life everlasting.

"Upward the soul forever turns her eyes; The next hour always shames the hour before; One beauty, at its highest, prophesies That by whose side it shall seem mean and poor; No God-like thing knows aught of less and less, But widens to the boundless Perfectness."

Therefore man's mental, spiritual, and physical life is dependent on his receptivity to the inner rhythm and outer harmonies of music and colour. And through such receptivity he becomes responsive, giving out of his own life all the rhythm, melody, and harmony that lives within it. And because of such giving, he enters into a still greater realisation of the wonder and beauty of life. This is the only way of the upward trend that leads from earth to heaven, that leads from humanity to divinity, and it is in this way that the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God will become a living realisation. Then shall all humanity mingle their voices in one grand symphony of song which shall unite with and become one in Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, and Beauty with the music of the spheres.