I have said that colour is a state of consciousness, but the mind uses its physical organisms for certain definite purposes. If we could see aright, we should know that the body of man is an exact physical counterpart of an invisible man, that we have an inner seeing and an inner hearing just as well as the outer seeing and the outer hearing, and that the outer is the perfect correspondence of the inner. The purely physical theory of seeing is this: there are different kinds of nerve elements in the retina of the eye which are affected by waves of light; the longest wave of light produces the colour red, because it is the longest and acts more strongly than do the shorter waves. As all these varying waves of light affect the eye, the various colours are seen: first red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and last of all violet, the violet having the shortest light wave of all. These different etheric waves of light have no colour of themselves; it is only as the white ray is broken up that the different waves touch the optic nerve, and according to their rapidity produce in different degrees something which we call colour. It is said that there are three different kinds of nerve elements. We might say that these elements correspond to the three primary colours, or the three primary notes in music.

As this book is not intended for a scientific exposition either of music or of colour, but rather to offer suggestions as to how music and colour may be used for the benefit of the mind and body, the writer would advise anyone interested in either one or the other to make a study of the best scientific books to be found on sound or colour theories. He who expects to do the best work with music or colour should have as thorough a knowledge of both as it is possible for him to obtain. The one thing hoped for by the writer is that this book may awaken the minds of people so that eventually a thoroughly scientific way of using both musical and colour vibration for the healing of the mind and the body may be found. If in these lines you do not find the subject is defined fully or with scientific precision, it is largely because the writer is more interested in trying to point out a new way of life than to define or explain the scientific theories of sound and colour. So many books have been written on both that anyone can possess himself of knowledge as set forth by thoroughly competent scientific writers. My one object in touching on scientific theories of sound and colour is to cause an awakening of interest in the minds of many which I trust may prove of the greatest benefit to them in the end.

I have written in this way in order to show that if we are ever to enter into a full appreciation of the value of music and colour, it will be because we have developed the harmonies of music and colour in our own lives. We become attuned to God's great universe and form a harmonious part of it only through the development of our highest spiritual consciousness, and upon such development must depend all the wonder and beauty of the great outer world, all the colour and all the music that exist throughout all nature. Each soul is a part of the whole, but it has been given to each soul to bring order out of chaos, to bring harmony out of discord, to bring strength out of weakness, to bring wisdom out of ignorance, to bring love out of hate, and in the doing of this, the part comes to understand its full relationship to the whole. Through its own giving, it becomes not only adjusted to its inner life, but also to its outer life, so that it receives from God and from man. It gives of the wholeness, the fulness, the completeness of life, and everything that is beautiful to be found in nature, or in man, will become disclosed to such a life. This is the way of life - the straight and narrow way of which the Nazarene told His disciples two thousand years ago. If we walk in this way, then we have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Each succeeding day will bring with it something of the newness, the wonder, and the beauty of life.

The human body contains every instrument that is to be found in any great orchestra, but how few of us have learned to play, as it should be played, even one instrument of the many that we have in our possession. How few of us produce rhythm, melody, and harmony in every-day life! Yet it is necessary that man should learn to use every instrument in a rhythmic, harmonious way. Life becomes truly great and wonderful only when we are living it to the full; when we are absorbed in using our every power of mind and body to accomplish something definite, something creative in life. We get from life what we give to it.

There is no receiving without giving. We have it in our power to make life just as great and just as joyous as we please, but no one else can make it so for us. Each man fulfils his own destiny, but that destiny is the result of what he feels, and thinks, and acts. His life may be as he will it, little or great. There is no chance, no luck, no happening; everything that comes into life is the result of law and order, cause and effect. We make causes, and reap effects. As a man "thinketh in his heart, so is he." so he must become.

No development takes place in the life of man save as he is engaged in some kind of work, because, as I have said before, we work out everything in the nature of the plan that God has written into human life. The acorn works out the plan that is written into it and eventually becomes the towering oak. Man works out the image and likeness that has been written into his soul, and, eventually, that which we call human becomes divine. We are all working from the earth to the heaven; we are all evolving from the Adam to the Christ. In the evolution of the human soul, just as fast as the unfolding takes place from within, does it affect everything without; for everything in the outer world is only a series of pictures of what man has felt, and thought, and lived in the past. He is the summing up and epitomising of nature in himself, and because he is all this, he must be something more than this. He must epitomise all the life, wisdom, and power that exists in the great Over-Soul; he must be the real representative of God on earth; he must become fully conscious of a universal Mind and Will working in him, to will, and to do.