The prolific virtues of fish have, no doubt, been greatly exaggerated, and it is certain that too much importance has been given to the observation made (rather upon slight grounds) by travellers as to the abundant population of ichthyophagic nations; nor would it be difficult to adduce facts to prove to the incredulous that the continuous use of fish excites lasciviousness in such persons only as are constitutionally inclined thereto.

The following instances sufficiently establish the aphrodisiacal qualities of phosphorus. A drake belonging to a chemist having drunk water out of a copper vessel which had contained phosphorus, ceased not gallanting his females till he died. An old man to whom a few drops only of phosphoric ether had been administered,experienced repeated and imperious venereal wants which he was compelled to satisfy. Leroy and Battatz, two celebrated French physicians of the last century, tried the effects of phosphorus upon themselves, with similar results. Sensations of the same kind are said to be experienced by persons whose occupation requires the frequent handling of this drug. It may thus be considered as satisfactorily proved that the above substance is essentially an energetic stimulant of the genital organs; but, should still further evidence be required, it may be found in the fact that the administration of it, even in small doses, has been productive of the most horrible and fatal results, instances of which are recorded in many medical works both foreign and English, but more particularly in those of Brera, Magendie, and others.

The erotic properties of truffles and mushrooms are considered by most writers as better established than those of fish. The ancient Romans were well acquainted with truffles, and obtained them from Greece and Africa, especially from the province of Libya, the fungi found there being particularly esteemed for their delicacy and flavour. In modern times, also, the truffle is regarded as the diamond of the kitchen, being highly valued for its capability of exciting the genesiac sense, it being a positive aphrodisiac which disposes men to be exacting and women complying. *

The following instance of its effects is given by Brillat Savarin, † to whom the circumstances were communicated, in confidence, by the lady who was the subject of them:

"Je soupai," says she, "un jour chez moi en trio avec mon mari et un de ses amis dont le non etait V . . . . C'etait un beau garcon et ne manquant pas d'esprit et venait souvent chez moi, mais il ne m'avait jamais rien dit qui put le faire regarder comme mon amant, et s'il me fesait la cour, c'etait d'une maniere si enveloppee qu'il n'y avait qu'une sotte qui eut pu s'en facher. II paraissait, ce jour la, destine a me tenir com-pagnie pendant le reste de la soiree, car mon mari avait un were specially instructed to forward by a stale messenger to the Royal Kitchen any of those fungi that might be found superior in size, delicacy or rendezvous et devait nous quitter bientot. Notre souper avait pour base une petite volaill truffee. Les truffes etaient delici - euses, et quoique je les aime beaucoup, je me contins, non-obstant; je ne bus aussi qu'un seul verre de Champagne, ayant quelque pressentiment que la soiree ne se passerait pas sans evenement. Bientot mon mari partit et me laissa seule avec V . . . . qu'il regardait comme tout a fait sans consequence. La conversation roula d'abord sur des sujets indifferents, mais elle ne tarda pas a prendre une tournure plus serieuse et plus interessante.

V.....fut successivement flatteur, expansif, affectueux, caressant, et voyant que je ne faisais que plaisanter de tant de belles choses, il devint si pressant que je ne pus plus me tromper de ses pretensions. Alors, je me reveillai comme d'une songe et me defendis avec autant plus de franchise que mon coeur ne me disait rien pour lui. II persistait avec une action que pouvait devenir tout a fait offensante; j'eus beau-coup de peine de la remener, et j'avone, a ma honte, que toute esperance ne lui serait pas interdite. Enfin, il me quitta, j'allai me coucher et dormis tout d'un somme. Mais le lendemain fut le jour du jugement; j'examinai ma conduite de la veille, et je la trouvai reprehensible. J'aurais du arreter V . . .. des les premieres phrases, et ne pas me preter a une conversation qui ne presageait rien de bon. Ma fierte aura it du sonner, crier, me facher, faire, enfin, tout ce que je ne fis pas. Que vous dirai je, Monsieur, je mis tout cela sur le compte des truffes, et je suis reelement persuadee qu'elles m'avaient donne une predisposition dangereuse, et si je n'y renonce pas (ce qui eut ete trop rigoureux) du moins je n'en mange jamais sans que le plaisir qu'elles me causent ne soit mele d'un peu de defiance".

* That Coryphaeus of voluptuaries, George IV., so highly appreciated this quality in truffles, that his Ministers at the courts of Turin, Naples, Florence, ξc.

† Physiologie du Gout, par Brillat Savarin, Paris, 1859.

The mushroom was also equally well known as the truffle to the ancient Romans for its aphrodisiacal qualities. Thus, Martial says:

" Quum sit anus conjux et sint tibi mortua membra, Nil aliud bulbis quam sater esse potes."* "If envious age lelax the nuptial knot, Thy food be mushrooms, and thy feast shalot." This bulb was believed by the ancients to be so decided a stimulant, that it was always served up, together with pepper and pine-nuts, at the wedding dinner.

An immoderate use of chocolate was, in the 17th century, considered so powerful an aphrodisiac that Jean Franco Raucher strenuously enforced the necessity of forbidding the monks to drink it, adding that if such an interdiction had been laid upon it at an earlier period, the scandal with which that sacred order had been assailed would have been prevented. It is a singular fact that, fearful of losing their character, or, what, perhaps, was dearer to them, their chocolate, the worthy cenobites were so dilligent in suppressing Raucher's work that four copies only of it are said to be in existence.