(1627) Nausea of Pregnancy

What can be done for nausea during pregnancy? Some tell us to drink lemon juice, but I find that does not help. I have had doctors' pills, also, but they do not help either. I have no appetite, and even the water tastes bitter; though is is good water. I have lost more than twenty pounds. I have had two children; but one died a few days after birth. The other is healthy.

Mrs, N. V., Pennsylvania,


Nausea during pregnancy may indi cate any one of a number of reasons; sometimes it is due to sonic faulty kidney condition. I would suggest that you consult your doctor, who will be in a position to determine if this is so.

The usual treatment of the nausea of pregnancy consists of rest in bed in a quiet darkened room. Diet should be limited to easily digested foods, such as milk, broths, eggs, etc. All nervous irritation should be avoided. If marital intercourse has a tendency to bring on the nausea, then it would be best to avoid this for the duration of the pregnancy. -Editor.

(1625) Salpingitis

We have been married for seven years, but have no children, and my husband is getting restless. I am so afraid that I will lose him. We have both been examined, and pronounced fertile; but the doctor says my womb is out of place, because of constipation, and my tubes and ovaries are full of pus. He doesn't seem to know what to do about it. Do you think nasal catarrh can have any thing to do with it? Is there anything I can do at home to remedy this condition? I am getting desperate.

Mrs. E. C., Ohio.


Pus in the Fallopian tubes is probably the reason it is difficult for you to become pregnant. I do not think nasal catarrh has anything to do with your condition. Pus in the tubes is a difficult condition to clear up. Sometimes an operation is necessary, If the infected tubes become troublesome; and they may have to be removed.

It seems rather unsympathetic to say, but your first concern should be to clear up this pelvic condition; and the ability to have children should be secondary with you at the present time. I would urge you to seek out a physician who specializes in female disorders (gynecologist), and act on his advice.


Cross section of female body. The Fallopian tubes are the only passages between ovaries and womb; if they are blocked by disease, pregnancy is made impossible.

Q. 1625. Cross-section of female body. The Fallopian tubes are the only passages between ovaries and womb; if they are blocked by disease, pregnancy is made impossible.

(1618) Spermatotoxins

I am a college student, and have found many of your articles valuable to me in my study of biology. Is it a proven fact that women become sterile, if injected with masculine spermatic fluid and hormones?

I know the names of chemicals which will lessen sex desire; but not which or how much to take. What do you advise ?

N. N., Iowa.

Answer :

It has been proved by animal research that, if spermatic fluid is injected into the system of a female, a period of sterility results. Human experiments have also been performed; but as yet sufficiently positive results have not been obtained to put this into the field of accepted medical practice.

Any drug which reduces masculinity has other undesirable physiological results, sufficient to rule out its use except as a very temporary expedient, under the careful observation of a physician -for the patient cannot judge safely of his own symptoms.


(1610) Hernia and Pregnancy

When I was 7, I was operated on for a navel (umbilical) hernia suffered at birth. The doctor said the stitches kept coming out, and he had to go back all over them again. The scar is about 7 inches long. At school, I was not allowed to take strenuous gymnastics.

I have been married for nearly three years. At first, my husband and I took preventive measures, but we have not done so of late. I seldom have a climax; at first, it was quite painful, but less so now. However, we wish a baby very much. Would that old operation affect the pregnancy? The incision is deep, and the flesh bulges on each side of it; I used to wear a girdle to hold it in.

Mrs. K. L., Alabama.


There is evidently some weakness of the abdominal muscles, which accounts for this condition. Should you become pregnant, it would be necessary for you to be under almost constant medical supervision. In all probability, your doctor will prescribe some form of abdominal binder.

As a rule, pregnancies under these circumstances are fairly safe provided, of course, that the proper precautions are taken. I would sincerely advise you to go over this matter with your physician, as he should be the sole judge. If I can be of any further help, feel free to write me.


(1612) Childlessness

I am 25 years old, and have been married a year and a half; but no indication of pregnancy has appeared. Both my husband and I are in good health, as far as we know. he has a limp from infantile paralysis but, so far as we can see, is otherwise all right. He does not believe himself sterile. Our marital relations are frequent.

What: is meant by "having the tubes blown"? A friend of mine, who wanted a child, underwent this, and shortly afterwards found herself pregnant. Is this the solution to my problem? It is getting on my nerves.

Mrs. N. N., New York.


Many times, sterility can be traced to the husband. A microscopic examination of his seminal fluid will indicate whether or not this is so in a few minutes. It does some times happen that diseases that are accompanied by very high temperatures leave the male reproductive glands sterile, without any perceptible indication.

"Blowing the tubes" is what is known as the Rubin test, is accomplished by having gas passed under pressure through the Fallopian tubes in order to determine their patency or "openness." Sometimes this helps solve the problem by opening them.

I would suggest that you and your husband follow the procedure I have outlined above, by consulting a physician who has had experience in treating cases of this kind. -Editor.

(1613) Endocrine Glands

Will endocrine treatment promote the growth of undeveloped organs; and what do doctors give progynon for, generally?

Why do the breasts and other muscles of a woman become flabby after her marriage, even if she does not have children?

Miss C. C., Carolina.


Progynon is a form of synthetic female sex hormone, generally used for the treatment of underdeveloped sex organs. This substance is known to affect other organs of the body; and should be carefully administered by a physician, who injects it into the deep muscles.

Marital relations do not necessarily alter, the tone of the muscles of the breasts and other organs, as commonly believed. Loss of this is probably due more or less to poor posture and a poor state of bodily health. -Editor.