We have now pointed out with dispassionate yet earnest words the deplorable consequences of misgoverned sexual instinct on the individual, on his family, on his children, and through these on society and the race at large. There remains for us to turn a still darker page, and to reveal an abyss of misery, iniquity, and disease, from which the philanthropist too often turns away with a shudder. This abyss is prostitution, the great social evil of our day, invading all grades of society, contaminating with leprous touch the fairest of our land, destroying the pure joys of the domestic hearth, the well-spring of disgusting maladies, the inexhaustible source of all manner of evil.

Too often the clergyman and the statesman prefer to shut their eyes and shun the unpleasant topic. This is not our purpose. Such a course can command no admiration and effect no good result. Rather will we risk the charge of over-plainness of speech than hesitate to exhibit the nature, the extent, and the consequences of this infecting ulcer in the body politic of our land. Our statements are based on careful studies of original documents, and the opinions of those physicians and philanthropists who have devoted most time to combating this pest. We shall aim to exhibit it as it actually exists in our midst, choosing the most trustworthy and the most recent sources of information, and premising that all our statements are taken directly from original authorities.