ONE. - Base runners must always remember and turn to the right of the foul line in returning to first, when they have overrun that base.

Two. - Batters should run whenever they touch the ball, or whenever they have struck three times and missed it. No matter if two men are out, you may not be the third one if you run well.

Three. - It would be well for young players to remember and keep a base runner on the third base, if the opposing catcher is weak up under the bat, or if the opponent's pitcher is wild.

Four. - To be a good batter you must stand up to the plate fearlessly, and the ball must be met by the weight of the body instead of the swing of the arms. This can be done by resting on one leg, so that you can easily step forward to meet the coming ball.

Five. - Infielders should always run out to help the outfielders, on the throw in of a hard-batted ball. This may save a run.

Six. - Always play for the advancing man. If there is a man on first, the ball when hit should be played to second and then to first base. If there is a man on first and second, the ball should go to the third base, and then to second.

Seven. - Captains should always strive to perfect their team play. It is what wins games. Coach your third baseman to try for all balls batted down that way, and have him backed up by the short-stop. Have the second baseman always back up your first baseman, and see that your second baseman and short-stop assist each other.


Captain of the Tufts College Base-ball Team of 1893.