Later on after six and still more after nine and twelve months on the diet, the colour should show very decided improvement, being perhaps somewhere near 6 at the end of twelve months, and about 7 after eighteen months if all goes well; and failure to attain these colours is a sign that all is not going well, and that care and attention are required. The colour 8 is one attained only after a good many years on diet, or by children who are brought up on it; adults or old people need hardly expect to attain to it.

1 To be obtained from Messrs. Bale, Sons and Danielsson, Ltd., 85, Great Titchfield Street, W. Price 1s. each.

For further information I must refer my readers to chapter xii. of "Uric Acid," in which the whole subject of the condition of the blood and its relation to uric acid is treated.

Then, again, if the muscles produce force more smoothly, continuously and pleasantly, with less friction on a supply of albumens which are free from the poisonous products of dead animal tissues, and if muscular life becomes more pleasant from this cause, how much greater is the value of this physiological solvency, when we realise that it applies also to the great nerve-centres, the organ of the mind, and find that here also the result is better work, better and more easily performed, and not only better work, but a better, more kindly, true and noble relation to all the conditions and phenomena of life.

Indeed, I think it is not too much to say that, just as in regard to force and nutrition, insolvency leads to ever less and less work, worse and still worse performed, as the reserves are one after the other called out and used up; so in regard to mind, does insolvency lead to ever less and less mental range and activity, and worse than all, to a narrow, mean, selfish view of the world and all it contains; and this mental attitude is, in many cases, the prelude to that complete loss of mental power and balance -insanity. Our asylums are full to overflowing, and we are building new ones day by day. Would it not be wiser to spend a little money in cutting off the stream at its source? Should we not put our insane population on a diet which at least does not increase the mischief?

On the other hand, perfect, complete and continuous solvency of mind and body lifts both to ever higher and higher levels of power, beauty, and knowledge of the truth; forming at once the highest attainable development of the mens sana in corpore sano, and leading ever upwards "into the higher sunlit slopes of that mountain which has no summit, or whose summit is in heaven only" ("Sartor Resartus").

In the foregoing pages I have not attempted to give a complete physiological explanation of all the conditions; I have tried rather to put the knowledge we have into the most useful form for practical purposes. For these purposes, I think we may say that the force produced by muscle is, other things equal, proportional to the albumens available.

The same quantity of albumens will produce the greater result the less the friction in the machinery they have to overcome, that is to say, when the muscles are in training the same excretion of urea will correspond to a greater number of miles covered, than when the muscles are soft and out of use.

Similarly, a given quantity of albumens will produce a greater result when the circulation of the blood is free and complete, that is when it is clear, and kept clear of the obstructing and friction-causing xanthins and uric acid.

And when the circulation is thus obstructed, a greater quantity of albumens will be used up by the heart muscle in the increased work imposed upon it, and, therefore less albumen will be available for the body muscles in general.

It follows from this that 1 oz. of albumen from bread, milk, or cheese, will produce a greater external result than a like amount of albumen from the tissues of dead animals.

Man has no doubt been misled, by the stimulating properties of animal tissues and their extracts, to believe just the reverse of the above; and this is specially noteworthy in the case of beef-tea, which has been almost universally used in spite of the fact that it contains little or no albumen available for force production, and is thus nearly as pure a stimulant as a glass of wine.

But the facts now admit of no doubt, and can be easily noted and verified; though the mournful fact, that the deadly path of stimulation once entered upon has only too often led to the complete ruin of mind and body, can scarcely, I think, at this period of the world's history, require further demonstration.

As regards pathology it will one day, I doubt not, be evident to all that many diseases now called by different names are really not diseases at all, but the effects of uric acid and similar food poisons.

The full effects of these poisons on the physical, mental and moral nature of man will only become visible when large numbers of people live on a uric acid free diet for the whole of their lives, which almost no one has yet done. Then only will it be possible to calculate the price we are now paying for our stimulant poisons.

Mr. Miles estimates his mental and physical gain at 50 per cent., but it is probably considerably more for those who begin diet early in life, before they become diseased; and who thus have the advantage of growing and developing on foods, and not on poisons.