How to Get Strong, and How to Stay So. By William Blaikie. Illustrated. 16mo, Cloth, $1oo.

Mr. Blaikie has treated his theme in a practical common-sense way that appeals at once to the judgment and the understanding. A complete and healthful system of exercise is given for boys and girls ; instructions are set down for the development of every individual class of muscles, and there is sound advice for daily exercise for children, young men and women, business men and consumptives. There are instructions for home gymnastics, and an easy routine of practice laid out.-Saturday Evening Gazette, Boston.

Every word of it has been tested and confirmed by the author's own experience. It may be read with interest and profit by all. -Christian Instructor, Chicago.

A successful performance, everything in the line of gymnastic exercise receiving copious illustrations by pen and pencil. The authors aim is genuinely philanthropic, in the right sense of the word, and his work is a useful contribution to the cause of physical culture -Christian Register, Boston.

Published by HARPER & BROTHERS, NewYork.

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