IN attempting to rush from their own twenty yard line, the offense (playing from left to right) fumbled the ball, which it would seem (in the top picture) was about to be recovered by either of the offensive players who are nearest it.


BOTH dived for it at the same time and in so doing interfered with each other so that the ball eluded them and bounced merrily back-wards toward their goal line, with four defensive players (Y) hot upon its trail (see middle picture). Note also a burly form (black arrow) which happens to be the offensive left guard, sitting on the ground.

(c) THE bottom picture, snapped perhaps a second later, shows one of the defense actually reaching for the ball, with the other three rapidly approaching. The burly form appears to be leisurely rising from his sitting posture. But history relates that in spite of repeated and frantic efforts by all four of the defense to pick up the ball, it remained free from their grasp and continued its elusive antics until the burly form (referred to above) pounced on it at a point some ten yards distant from where he is last portrayed.

Harvard vs. Yale 1921.