The game of football is fast becoming the national fall sport of the American youth. Among the larger eastern colleges, where it has been fostered and developed, football has now been raised to a definite science, but in the west the game is, as yet, comparatively in its infancy.

The demand has been rapidly increasing among the smaller colleges and large preparatory schools from year to year for competent coachers, and it is evident that there is felt a wide-spread want for some source of definite information which shall describe the manner of executing the various evolutions, the methods of interference, and the more difficult and complicated points of the game.

It is with the desire of meeting this want so far as is possible, and with the hope of stimulating a love for the game and of raising the standard of play among the school-boys of this country, to whom the colleges and universities must look for the material out of which to construct their future elevens, that the authors have prepared this volume.

The endeavor has been made to begin with simple steps in the early development of the game and advance by gradual stages to the most difficult evolutions and scientific tactics which have been mastered up to the present day. In working out this principle the aim throughout has been clearness and precision.

While it is the primary desire to furnish in this work a practical aid in the attainment of a higher standard of play among the preparatory schools and colleges, still it is hoped that the general public will find it an assistance to the better understanding of American football, which has come to hold such a prominent place in popular favor. The Authors.

September 15, 1893.

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