Beginning Woodwork, At Home and in School. By CLINTON SHELDON VAN DEUSEN; illustrated by Edwin Victor Lawrence.

A full and clear description in detail of the fundamental processes of elementary benchwork in wood. This description is given through directions for making a few simple, useful articles suitable either for school or home problems. Even without a teacher a bright boy, by following this book faithfully, may acquire considerable skill. It is a safe guide for farmers' boys as well as for city boys, and is especially well suited for use in rural and village schools in which the teacher has had but little experience in the use of woodworking tools. The book is illustrated by more than one hundred Figures, including ten plates of working drawings. Each of these Figures is an original drawing made expressly for this book. Price, $1.00.

Essentials of Woodworking. By ira s. Griffith; illustrated with numerous pen drawings by Edwin V. Lawrence.

This is a comprehensive textbook on woodworking tools, materials and processes, to supplement, but not to take the place of, the instruction given by the teacher. The book contains three parts; I - Tools and elementary processes, including laying-out tools and their use, saws, planes and their use, boring tools, chisels, grinding and whetting, form work, laying out duplicate parts, scraping, sandpapering, and fastening parts. II - Simple joinery, including directions for making the common joints, elementary cabinet work involving drawer construction, paneling, rabbeting, and door construction. III - Wood and wood-finishing, including a great amount of information that should be given to a student along with his work in wood. The book does not contain a course of moders. It may be used with any course. Price, $1.00.

Problems in Woodworking. By m. w. Murray.

A convenient collection of good problems ready to place in the hands of the pupils. It consists of forty plates bound in heavy paper covers with brass fasteners. Each plate is a working drawing, or problem in bench work that has been successfully worked out by boys in one of the grades from seven to nine inclusive. Many of the problems can be worked out in various ways according to the individual ability, interest and taste of the pupil. Price, 75 cents. Board covers, 20 cents extra.

Problems in Furniture Making. By fred d. crawshaw.

This book consists of 32 plates of working drawings suitable for use in grammar and high schools and 24 pages of text, including chapters on design, construction and finishes, and notes on the problems. Price, in heavy paper covers, $1.00. Board covers. 20 cents extra.

Problems in Mechanical Drawing. By charles a. Bennett. With drawings made by Fred D. Crawshaw.

This book consists of 80 plates and a few explanatory notes, and is bound in heavy paper covers with brass fasteners. Its purpose is to furnish teachers of classes beginning mechanical drawing with a large number of simple, practical problems. These have been selected with reference to the formation of good habits in technique, the interest of the pupils, and the subjects usually included in a grammar and first-year high school course. The book covers simple projection - straight lines and circles, problems involving tangents, planes of projection, revolution of solids, developments, intersections, isometric projection, lettering and working drawings. Each problem given is unsolved and therefore in proper form to hand to the pupil for solution. Price, $1.00. Board covers, 20 cents extra.

Books on the Manual Arts

Woodwork for Schools on Scientific Lines. By James



This book covers the whole range of clay work for the elementary school - technique of clay modeling, study of plant forms, human Figure, story illustration, simple architectural ornament, the making of tiles and ornamental pottery. Price, $1.00.

Classroom Practice in Design, By james parton haney.

A concise, up-to-date, richly illustrated booklet on the teaching of applied design. Very suggestive. Price, 50 cents.

The Wash Method of Handling Water Colour. By frank


This little book is a helpful guide and affords a stimulus to the use of water-color as practiced by the earlier painters, whose beautiful work is unexcelled." Price, 50 cents.

Manual Training Magazine.

An illustrated, bi-monthly publication devoted to the interests of the Manual Arts in Education.

Subscription price, $1.50 a year; single copies, 35 cents. In foreign countries, including Canada, $1.75 a year; single copies, 40 cents.

The Manual Arts Press

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