Small, light weight gears can be made or bought. They are attached to propeller shafts and are geared back different pitches. Some one to two, others one to three, while some gears are one to one. It might seem that one to one is added friction and no gain in winding, but a hook is attached to each gear wheel which allows two rubber motors instead of one, and allows longer unwinding. If the rubber strands are divided they wind up many more turns than when combined in one bunch. If eight strands are twisted together you cannot turn as many times as with four strands. Fig. 260 shows a one to one gear and its connections, and Fig. 261 a gear with a greater ratio.

A gear of one to one might be placed at the opposite end of the framework from the propeller, thus extending the number of revolutions in that manner, the second rope or motor extending back and below the first, Fig. 262