But the work at the school is not a tournament altho an important factor of it. The director, we will call the manager of the tournament, must find a suitable location. It must be open to the breeze, free from wires, accessible by street car service, a little to one side so people will have to go a little out of their way to see it, hoodlums don't usually care so much for beautiful things, especially if it is some trouble to go to it, and it should be large enough to accommodate a great many kites without getting into too close quarters. Kites are liable to dive around somewhat, so if they are not too thick, there is more chance to get the kite straightened up before getting entangled in other kite lines. Now that there are so many kinds of kites, it is necessary to locate the kinds on the field. The kites are divided into groups when the list of events is sent out, and these groups are placed in different locations on the field. We will suppose the following group is to be located.

Group D.

Measured Events.

27. Highest Flyer - Single.

28. Highest Flyer - Tandem.

29. Highest flight in five minutes, etc.

On the ground, separated from the others, would be a bulletin board that is fastened to a post and this is set in the ground. The post is about nine feet long, and the bulletin board is nailed to it, the lower edge being about one foot down on the post. If the post is set eighteen inches in the ground there would be six and a half feet up to the lower edge of bulletin. The announcements can be printed with chalk. They stand out and can be read across the field, see Fig. 263. The tournament is always on a Saturday afternoon, so the bulletins are set Saturday morning.

If there is no space fenced off for aeroplane model flying, and for the races, a few posts should be set and two wires about No. 9 run around an enclosure. Make it an enclosure, for if you don't it will be impossible to keep the spectators back. We tried a V-shaped fence, but it was useless; with an enclosure and two or three policemen about, it is possible to keep the crowd out.