A swing can be attached to the kite line by six suspension cords, Fig. 178. The boy in overalls is a pleasing figure, Fig. 179. The framework is of light kite sticks and the figure is cut out of light cardboard, but must be reinforced with light sticks across the body to prevent collapse. A stick across back of the arms and two down the legs from this will be sufficient. The sunbonnet baby is good, Fig. 180. The sunbonnet in white and the dress red with pink slippers is effective.

The trapeze performer, Fig. 181, must be placed edgewise in the swing, and the lower stick must be made so it will revolve. The grooved pulley is stationary on the lower rod and should have a good sized grove so as to accommodate two or three turns of the operating line, which should run double to the ground. It is well to have such lines fastened to a stick so that the hand may hold in the center between the two, see Fig. 182. By a twist of the wrist the ends of the stick can be forced to and fro which turns the rod that the performer is on, forward or back. This will suggest other forms of trapeze performers.

Color devices and optical illusions could also be arranged. A color device like Fig. 183 would be an interesting study on the ground, and would be very interesting up a little way on the kite line. Each section, as a, is independent of the others, and the sections should alternate as to directions, the first going to the right, the next to the left and so on. It is as easy to make them go in one direction as the other. A vertical wire reaches from top to bottom of the framework and beads should be placed between sections, and to the outside at the top and bottom. The colors of a are red, yellow, and blue, but white could take the place of some color, and black of another section. As the sections are not likely to turn with the same rapidity, there should be a constant change of combination of colors.

Swings 179Swings 180Swings 181Swings 182Swings 183

Figs. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183.

Swings 184

Light forms that fill out with the breeze can be made of tissue paper and attached to the kite line. Ugly monsters with large mouths and highly colored bodies with heavy lines on them to outline scales are very striking. It is necessary to have these open at both ends or they will be torn open, also it is best to have a light framework about the head to keep that in shape; the rest of the body will usually be taken care of. Long serpents and fish are good for the purpose. If the grotesque does not appeal to one, long and short streamers can be used in abundance. A kite line decorated with pointed streamers of various colors would be very beautiful. Japanese lanterns might be festooned along the line, and to reduce the weight, the bottom could be removed. If kite flying is indulged in at night, fewer lanterns can be used, and these lighted.