J. C. Oakman, 8, O'connell Street, Sydney, Sole Agent For Australia.

The Home Exerciser is a very ornamental, as well as a very practical machine for Physical Culture. With each Exerciser we give a Book of Instructions, containing a method based upon thoroughly scientific principles for every set of muscles in the entire body, arms, and legs; special exercises for broadening and deepening the chest and strengthening the lungs; also exercises that tend to straighten the spine and brace the shoulders back.

Retail Prices (with Book of Instructions, entitled "Physical Culture for Home and School, Scientific and Practical," 322 12mo. pages, 80 illustrations, by Prof. D. L. Dowd). We manufacture four grades of the Exerciser, No. 1, 70/-: No. 2, 55/-;

No. 3, 45/-; No. 4, 40/-.

No. 1 has all the ironwork and cord couplings nickel plated, highly polished, woodwork solid rosewood polished, the best Silver Lake (drab colour) sash cord, a nickel ornament to cover screw in floor and bracket on wall.

No. 2, nickeled like No. 1, except cord couplings are Japanned, polished maple or birch woodwork. Either of these two would be considered an ornament in any room.

No. 3 is made as good in every respect, the difference is the ironwork is galvanised instead of nickeled.

No. 4, blacked ironwork, is made up plainly but just as durable as the others.

The same Instruction Book and Illustrated Chart accompanies each of the four grades.

Exerciser packed for shipping, weighs 21 lbs.

D L Dowd s Health Exerciser 8

D. L. Dowd's Health Exerciser


Send money by Cheque or P.O. Order, or Registered Letter, payable to J. C. OakmaN, 8, O'connell Street, Sydney.

An Illustrated Chart Corresponding exactly with the engravings and order of exercises in the Instruction Book is given each purchaser of the Exerciser, which can be placed on the wall beside the Exerciser, as a guide to movements.

Send for Illustrated Circular of the Health Exerciser.

Protected by Letters patent in New Zealand, New South Wales, and Victoria.

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Fleas cannot live near it. Unrivalled for Scrubbing Floors, Benches, and all kinds of Woodwork, and for Scouring all kinds of Brass, Iron, and Tinware.

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Sydney, May 8th, 1889.

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W. R. Clay, City Health Officer.

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