4 or 5 Scrags of Mutton and Shank Bones


Carefully trim the scrags of mutton, remove the pith from the bones, and wipe with a damp cloth ; break these and the shank bones into very small pieces, put them into an enamelled saucepan, well covered with cold water; add a teaspoonful of salt, stand on the stove, and when it boils up remove the scum very carefully. Add 1 doz. peppercorns, and an onion and carrot, if vegetables are allowed the patient. Boil steadily for eight or nine hours ; the liquor should then be reduced to one quart. Strain off, and, if possible, let it stand till quite cold ; it should then be in a jelly, and can be made hot as required. When serving this to a convalescent a spoonful of rice or pearl barley well washed in cold water and boiled in either stock or milk may be added.