A Glimpse Of Baden Baden

A Glimpse Of Baden-Baden.

Baden Baden


The Theatre

The Theatre.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant.

The Hotel Messmer

The Hotel Messmer.

In The Allee At Baden

In The Allee At Baden.

The Park, Conversation House,And Hotel Messmer

The Park, "Conversation House," And Hotel Messmer.

The Music Stand

The Music-Stand.

In the foreground, so near, in fact, that I could toss a coin into it from my balcony, was the Casino Park, lined on one side with an enticing restaurant and the "Conversation House," and on the other with a row of tempting shops. In front of these stood the pretty music - stand, where, three times a day, at early morning, afternoon, and evening, a welltrained orchestra affords enjoyment to attentive listeners. An Oriental sovereign, well versed in pleasures, once decreed that- he should always be awakened by music. How often had I thought of that as one of the most exquisite of luxuries, which I should never know! But here, in Baden-Baden, we experienced it. It is a special feature of the Hotel Messmer, which stamps itself indelibly upon the mem-ory. Each morning, about seven o'clock, we would be gradually roused to consciousness by the inspiring harmonies of a German choral; and then, for a full hour, half sleeping, half awake, we would enjoy a concert, just far enough removed to make its strains seem echoes from the realm of dreamland, just near enough to let us lose no portion of its melodies. "But, if the weather be rainy," it may be asked, "are you deprived of music ? "By no means. The visitor, in such a case, may leave his hotel balcony and enter the "Conversation House," to find himself in a superbly decorated hall, where dazzling chandeliers rival sunlight, and waxed floors tempt visitors to dance in rhythm to the music of the orchestra, which has come in from the pavilion. Very different, however, was the scene displayed here thirty years ago. The "Conversation House" was then the famous "gambling hell" of Baden, where green baize tables and the fascinating roulette-wheel lured thousands of the butterflies of wealth and fashion to their ruin, like moths to a flame. But now, since gambling is no longer allowed, Baden-Baden has become virtuous by compulsion. Despite its loss, however, the place is still attractive. The beauty of its situation, the healing properties of its springs, its lovely park, and the adjoining forest draw admiring thousands to enjoy the scenery, and listen to the charming music which, hour after hour, floats upon the air. The only persons who told me they regretted the prohibition of gaming were the shop-keepers, who, naturally enough, desire the good old times when fortunes, made or lost in a night, were spent with fabulous rapidity.

In The Conversation House

In The "Conversation House".

The Waldsee

The Waldsee.

One can hardly imagine how gay and animated is the scene on which the tourist gazes from the windows of the Hotel Messmer, especially at night. The long, brilliant avenue is then filled with promenaders, the chairs on either side are occupied, waiters flit about, dispensing light refreshments, and during the pauses in the music the air is filled with the hum of conversation. Seated at such a time upon the private balcony of your room, you look down on that scene, as on the stage from a proscenium box, able to view and listen to it all with perfect ease, and, literally, if you choose, attired in dressing-gown and slippers.

The Old Gaming Hall

The Old Gaming-Hall.

Hornberg In The Black Forest

Hornberg In The Black Forest.