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Engadine | John Stoddard's Lectures

Engadine. Illustrated and embellished with views of the world's famous places and people, being the identical discourses delivered during the past eighteen years under the title of the Stoddard lectures.

TitleEngadine - John L. Stoddard's Lectures
AuthorJohn L. Stoddard
PublisherNorwood Press
Copyright1901, John L. Stoddard
AmazonJohn L. Stoddard's Lectures 13 Volume Set
-The Engadine
IF a straight line were drawn through Switzerland from Zurich to the foot of Lake Lucerne and over the St. Gotthard Pass to Lake Maggiore, the western section of the Swiss Republic, thus divided, wo...
-The Engadine. Part 2
It was, in truth, a wonderfully attractive valley. Sublimity unquestionably lay beyond, but beauty and fertility enclosed us here, and won our hearts. The ever-present, moving, sparkling feature of th...
-The Engadine. Part 3
Beside The Inn. The Pontlatzer Bridge. The Monument To Tyrolese Heroism. Hillside Sentinels. 1 See Volume South Tyrol. It is not strange that almost every traveler lifts his hat befo...
-The Engadine. Part 4
On The Road To FinstermÜNZ. View From Hoch Finstermunz Towards The Engadine. A Portion Of The Road Near FinstermÜNZ. A Mountain Milk Cart. One must be painfully near-sighted or indifferent...
-The Engadine. Part 5
The Rosy Foam Of Flowers. If the short section of the river Inn which flows through high-walled Finstermünz had been transformed into the solid pavement of pure jade which it resembles, looked on f...
-The Engadine. Part 6
For those who do not care to linger at Tarasp itself there is, a little higher up the mountain, and reached by a walk of fifteen minutes from the Kurhaus, a lovely settlement, called Vulpera. Here, to...
-The Engadine. Part 7
An Old Engadine House. The temperament of the Engadiners seemed to me rather sad and reticent. Itinerant Italians sought, apparently in vain, to brighten them with music. Sometimes a row of people,...
-The Engadine. Part 8
Avalanche Galleries On The Bernina Pass. My Friend, Francois Barberat. The Court Of Peace, Samaden. Sleep, noble soul! Thy clarion voice no more Shall thrill enraptured thousands with delight...
-The Engadine. Part 9
Lake Silvaplana, Near St. Moritz. The Engadine In Winter. Coasting At St. Moritz. Skee-Ing. Approaching A Curve. The Chain Of Lakes Between St Moritz And Maloya. I should, myself,...
-The Engadine. Part 10
Maloya. Lake Fontana, In The Engadine. Pontresina. The Roseg Glacier. The Valley Of The Roseg Glacier. So wonderfully clear was the vast concave of the sky, that the refulgent orbs, ser...
-The Engadine. Part 11
The Morteratsch Glacier, From The Bernina Road. Last Houses On The Bernina Pass. An Old Church, Engadine. There, close by the Bernina hospice, now used as an inn, I saw a natural phenomenon r...

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