Range. - California coast, breeding on the Far-allones and Santa Barbara Islands.

This species, while not common, nests in all manner of localities on the Farallones, concealing their eggs under any rock or in any crevice that may attract their fancy. Their single white egg is only faintly if at all wreathed with fine dust-like specks of reddish brown. Size 1.15 x .86. Data. - Farallone Is., California, June 12, 1895. Egg laid on sand in crevice at the base of a stone wall; well concealed. Collector, Chester Barlow.

108 Ashy Petrel Oceanodroma Homochroa 184

Black Petrel. Ashy Petrel

108.1. Socorro Petrel. Oceanodroma Socorroensis

Breeds on Socorro, San Benito and Coronado Islands, placing its eggs at the end of burrow. Data. - San Benito Is., Lower California, July 12, 1897. Single egg at the end of a burrow 3 feet in length. Egg pure white very finely wreathed with pale reddish brown. Size 1.15 x .87. Collector, A. W. Anthony.

108 1 Socorro Petrel Oceanodroma Socorroensis 185Tube Nosed Swimmers

Tube-Nosed Swimmers.