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Bird Books

Manual books on birds with Illustrations

-Birds Illustrated by Color Photograph
A Monthly Serial designed to Promote Knowledge of Bird-Life
-The Bird Book | by Chester A. Reed
Illustrating in natural colors more than seven hundred north american birds; also several hundred photographs of their nests and eggs
-Bird Guide to Water Birds, Game Birds And Birds Of Prey East Of The Rockies | by Chester A. Reed
To identify a bird when you see it, and where you see it, this little pocket "Bird Guide" is prepared. May it be the medium for saving many of today's seekers for "bird truths," from the many trials and tribulations willingly encountered, and hard and thorny roads gladly traveled by the author in his quest for knowledge of bird ways.
-Canary Birds Manual | by William Wood
A Manual Of Useful And Practical Information For Bird Keepers.
-The American Bird-Keeper's Manual | by James Mann
Or directions for the proper management of american and foreign singing birds. With particular instructions for the breeding of canary birds, and the proper treatment op their young. Together with some remarks upon the diseases to which birds are liable - prevention and remedies. With a minute description of the general characteristics or markings of the different sexes, so as to be able to distinguish the male from the female.
-Parrots | by Prideaux John Selby
In presenting to our readers a volume containing the natural history of the Parrots, or family Psitta-cidae, we have to direct their attention to an assemblage of birds, not less remarkable for the peculiarity of their form, the gay, varied, and in many instances, splendid plumage in which they are attired, than for the intelligence and docility so many evince in a state of captivity or domestication, and the peculiar facility possessed by several species of imitating the intonations of the human voice, and learning by rote words, and even sentences, which they remember and repeat with clearness and precision.
-The Speaking Parrots: A Scientific Manual | by Dr. Karl Russ
The fancy for Speaking Parrots not only dates from very ancient times, but in the present day it is extraordinarily ardent and widespread. Doubtless, no other bird kept alone as a speaker will take in a higher degree the position of friend and companion to man than a parrot. In accordance with its title, this book deals exclusively with those Parrots which have, up to the present time, been clearly proved to be gifted with speech.
-Parrots In Captivity | by William Thomas Greene
The laudable attempts of the late Mr. C. Buxton, of Mr. Sydney Buxton, of the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Dutton, and of other amateurs to naturalize different kinds of Parrots, Parrakeets, Lories, and Cockatoos in this country, having failed, mainly in consequence of "those vile guns", it is to be feared that connoisseurs who wish to obtain an intimate acquaintance with these birds without going abroad, must content themselves with studying the manners, habits and peculiarities of the various species of Parrots in captivity, since to do so at large would appear, for the reasons stated above, and in the following pages, to be impossible; and it is a terrible pity that it should be so, for few sights are more attractive than a flock of these grand birds, the Macaws especially, wheeling around in the bright sunshine, when their variegated coats glisten like living jewels, and then settling down among the tops of some patriarchal trees, where they show themselves off to even greater advantage - their brilliant colours contrasting boldly with the dark green of the surrounding foliage - than when sporting freely in mid air...

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