Range. - Tropical seas, chiefly in the Pacific Ocean; north to southern


They breed on several islands in the Gulf of California. This species differs from the preceding in having a red bill, and the back being barred with black.

Their plumage has a peculiar satiny appearance and is quite dazzling when viewed in the sunlight. They are strong fliers and are met with, hundreds of miles from land. They often rest upon the water, elevating their long tails to keep them from getting wet. They nest, as do the preceding species, on rocky islands and are said to also build their nests in trees or upon the ground. The single egg that they lay has a creamy ground and is minutely dotted with chestnut. Size 2.40 x 1.55. Data. - Daphone

Yellow billed Tropic Bird. Red billed Tropic Bird

Yellow-billed Tropic Bird. Red-billed Tropic Bird.

Is., Galapagos Is., South Pacific, March 6, 1901. Egg laid in hole of a sea cliff.

The eggs are easily told from those of the yellow-billed by their much larger size. Collector, R. H. Beck.

113.1 Red-Tailed Tropic Bird. Phaethon Rubricaudus

Range. - Tropical regions of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, accidental off the coast of Lower California.

This is a singularly beautiful species resembling the latter except that the central tail feathers are bright red, with the extreme tips white. During

August and September they breed in large colonies on small islands in the South Seas. On Mauritius Island they build their nests either in the trees or place them on the ground; the nest is made of seaweed, sticks and weeds; numbers of them nest on Laysan Is., of the Hawaiian group, concealing their nests on the ground under overhanging brush.

The single egg has a pale purplish ground speckled with brown.

Pale purplish

Pale purplish.

Pale purplish ground color

Pale purplish ground color.

113 1 Red Tailed Tropic Bird Phaethon Rubricaudus 197