Tufted Puffin Puffin

Tufted Puffin Puffin.

Range. - Pacific Coast from Alaska southward to southern California, breeding locally throughout their range.

Tufted Puffins are the largest of the Puffins. In the breeding plumage, they are a sooty brownish or black color; the cheeks are white, and a long tuft of straw colored feathers extends back from each eye; the bill is bright red and greenish yellow. They breed commonly on the Faral -lones, where two or three broods are raised by a bird in a single season, but much more abundantly on the islands in the north. Their single eggs are laid in burrows in the ground or else in natural crevices formed by the rocks. The eggs are pure white or pale buff and are without gloss. They very often have barely perceptible shell markings of dull purplish color. The eggs are laid about the middle of June. Size 2.80 x l.90. Data. - Farallone Is., May 27, 1887. Single egg laid in crevice of rocks. Collector, W. O. Emerson.