Range. - Temperate North America, breeding from Labrador and British Columbia south to Florida.

Bridal Duck is a name often given to this, the most beautiful of all Ducks.

They are beautifully marked, have a large crest, and are iridescent with all colors of the rainbow. They frequent wooded country near ponds and lakes, feeding on water insects and mollusks in the coves. They build their nests in hollow trees and stumps, often at quite a distance from the water. When the young are a few days old, they slide, scramble, or flutter down the tree trunk to the ground below, and are led to the water. The nest is made of twigs, weeds and grass, and warmly lined with down. The eggs are a buff color and number eight to fifteen. Size 2. x 1.5.

Wood Duck. Redhead

Wood Duck. Redhead.

Rich buff

Rich buff.



145. Rufous-Crested Duck. Netta Rufina

A European species; a single specimen taken on Long Island in 1872.