Range. - North America, breeding from North Dakota northward, chiefly in the interior; south in winter to Central America.

Canvas back American Scaup Duck

Canvas-back. American Scaup Duck.

Pale greenish gray

Pale greenish gray.

This and the following species are widely known as "Blue-bills" owing to the slaty blue color of that member. Their plumage is black and white, somewhat similar in pattern to that of the Redhead, but darker, and the whole head is black. They nest in marshes about many of the ponds and lakes in the interior of British America. The nest is made of marsh grasses and lined with feathers. The six to ten eggs are pale grayish or greenish gray. Size 2.50 x 1.70. Data. - Saltcoats Marshes, N. W. Canada, June 15, 1901. Ten eggs. Nest in the grass; a depression lined with down and dried grasses. Collector, Walter Raine.

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