Range. - Pacific Coast, breeding from British Columbia northward and wintering southward to Lower California.

The Rhinoceros Auklet or Horned Auk has a much smaller bill than the Puffins; in the summer this is adorned at the base by a horn from which it takes its name. There are also slender plumes from above and below the eyes. Unlike the Puffins, these birds sit upon their whole tarsus.

They nest on islands of the North Pacific Coast from Vancouver northward. A single egg is laid in crevices among the rocks or in burrows in the ground. It is similar both in size and shape to that of the Puffins, but is often quite heavily blotched with brown. Size 2.70 x 1.80. Data. - Unak Is., Alaska, June 30, 1900. Egg laid in a fissure of the rocks; no nest. Collector, F. Weston.

15 Rhinoceros Auklet Cerorhinca Monocerata 37Horned Puffin Rhinoceros Auklet Cassin Auklet

Horned Puffin. Rhinoceros Auklet. Cassin Auklet.


RHINOCEROS AUKLET. Color white, sometimes heavily blotched, as above, and again unspotted.