Range. - Northern North America, breeding from Labrador, the Hudson Bay region and the Aleutien Islands northward; winters south to Virginia, the Great Lakes and California.

Scoters or "Coots" as they are generally called are sea ducks whose plumage is almost wholly black; they have fantastically colored and shaped bills. The American Scoter is entirely black without markings; base of bill yellow and orange. This species nest as do the Eiders, often concealing the nest, of grass and feathers, under some overhanging rock. They lay from six to ten eggs of a dingy buff color. Size 2.50 xl.70. Data. - Mackenzie Bay, June 15, 1899. Ten eggs. Nest a hollow in the sand, lined with down.

King Eider Scoter

King Eider. Scoter.

163 Scoter Oidemia Americana 289


163 Scoter Oidemia Americana 290

164. Velvet Scoter. Oidemia Fusca

An Old World species that has accidentally occurred in Greenland.