Range. - North America west of the Mississippi Valley, breeding in northern Alaska and the Mackenzie River district.

This smaller species of the Snow Goose nests on islands in rivers along the arctic coast. The nest is a depression in the ground, lined with grasses and, occassionally down. They lay from four to eight eggs of a buffy or yellowish white color. Size 2.75 xl.75.

169a. Greater Snow Goose.

Chen hyperboreus nivalis.

Range. - Eastern North America, breeding in the Arctic regions and wintering chiefly on the Atlantic coast, south to Cuba.

Lesser Snow Goose Blue Goose

Lesser Snow Goose. Blue Goose.

Grayish White

Grayish White.

This bird is like the preceding; except in size; about thirty-six inches, instead of twenty-six inches in length as is the lesser variety. The entire plumage is white except for the black primaries. They construct their nests of grasses on the ground the same as the preceding variety. The eggs number from five to eight and are cream colored. Size 3.40 x 2.40.

169.1. Blue Goose. Chen Caerulescens

Range. - North America, principally in the interior, breeding from Hudson Bay northward and wintering along the Gulf coast.

This species may always be recognized by the entirely white head and neck, the body being grayish or bluish gray. They nest on the ground as do the other geese laying from four to eight eggs of a brownish buff color. Size 2.50 x l.75. Data Cape Bathurst, Arctic coast, June 29, 1899. Four eggs laid in a depression lined with grass, on an island. Collected with the parent birds by the Esquimaux.

169 1 Blue Goose Chen Caerulescens 300