Range. - North Pacific on the islands and coast of Alaska. This is the smallest of the Auklets; length 6.5 in. This species has no crest, but has the slender white plumes extending back from the eye. The entire under parts are white sparsely spotted with dusky. This species is by far the most abundant of the water birds of the extreme Northwest, and thousands of them, accompanied by the two preceding species, nest on the rocky cliffs of the islands of Bering Sea. Their nesting habits are the same as those of the other Auklets, they placing their single white egg on the bare rocks, in crevices on the cliffs. Size 1.55 x 1.10. Data. - Pribilof Is., Alaska, June 8, 1897. Single egg laid in crevice. Thousands breeding on the island.



20 Least Auklet Aethia Pusilla 44Least Auklet Ancient Murrelet. Marbled Murrelel

Least Auklet. Ancient Murrelet. Marbled Murrelel.