A very common Sandpiper in the British Isles and in Europe, but only casually occurring as a straggler along the Atlantic coast. Very similar to the next species, but a trifle smaller. The nest and eggs do not differ from the following.

243a. Red-Backed Sandpiper. Pelidna Alpina Sakhalina

Range. - Whole of North America, breeding from southern Greenland, Labrador, Hudson Bay and the Yukon, northward, wintering from the

Gulf States southward. This handsome species is similar to the Pribi-lof Sandpiper, but is smaller (length 8 inches), the upper parts are more reddish, the breast more heavily streaked, and it has a black patch on the belly instead of on the breast as in ptilocnemis. Their nesting habits are similar to others of the family; they lay three or four eggs with a brownish or greenish buff color, heavily blotched and spotted with shades of brown and chestnut. Size 1.40 x 1.00. Data. - Peel River, Arctic America, June 30, 1899.

Red backed Sandpiper. Curlew Sandpiper.

Red-backed Sandpiper. Curlew Sandpiper.

Nest a simple cavity in the ground, lined with a few grasses and three or four leaves. Collector, J. O. Stringer.

Greenish buff.

Greenish buff.