Range. - North America, breeding, chiefly in the interior, from northern United States northward.

Godwits are large Plovers with long slightly upcurved bills. This species is 19 inches in length, is of a nearly uniform ruddy color and is handsomely marbled above, and barred below with black. Their eggs are laid upon the ground in the vicinity of ponds or rivers; sometimes there is no lining and again a few straws or grasses may be twisted around the depression. Their eggs number three or four and have a ground color of grayish or greenish buff, sometimes quite dark, and are blotched with dark brown. Size 2.25 x 1.60. Data. - Devil's Lake, N. D., June 10, 1895. Four eggs laid on the ground in the middle of an un-used road. Lined with a few grasses. Collector, W. F. Hill.

249 Marbled Godwit Limosa Fedoa 444Western Sandpiper. Sanderling. Marbled Godwit.

Western Sandpiper. Sanderling. Marbled Godwit.