Range. - Whole of North America, breeding in the Arctic regions and wintering south of the United States.

This species is smaller (length 17 inches), darker, more grayish and has a shorter bill than the preceding species. It also has white median and lateral stripes on the top of the head. The nesting habits are the same as those of the Long-billed species; the three or four eggs have a brownish buff ground color and are blotched with blackish brown. Size 2.25 x 1.60. Data. - McKenzie River, Arctic America. Nest a pile of grass, moss and weeds on an island in the river.

Long billed Curlew. Hudsonian Curlew

Long-billed Curlew. Hudsonian Curlew.

Brownish buff.

Brownish buff.

265 Hudsonian Curlew Numenius Hudsonicus 472