Range. - North America, breeding in the interior of Canada and wintering south from the Gulf States.

Small web between the bases of the two outer toes. Single broad,black band across the breast; black line from base of bill to eye. They are very abundant on our seacoast in Fall, both in flocks composed entirely of their own kind, and also with Least and Semipalmated Sandpipers. They usually keep on the inner side of sandbars or muddy flats bordering marshes, rather than on the open ocean beach. It is also found in smaller flocks, about ponds and marshes in the interior of the country. They are usually unsuspicious and will allow a close approach, or if you are still, will run by within a very few feet. Nest on the ground; eggs buffy, sparsely specked with black, l.30 x .90; June.

Kildeer. Semi palmated Plover.

Kildeer. Semi-palmated Plover.

274 Semipalmated Aegialitis Semipalmata 486


274 Semipalmated Aegialitis Semipalmata 487