Range. - United States east of North Dakota and Texas and from the southern British Provinces to the Gulf coast.

A celebrated "game bird" which has been hunted so assiduously in New England that it is upon the verge of extermination, and the covers have to be continually replenished with birds trapped in the south and west. They frequent open fields, which have a luxuriant growth of weeds, or grain fields in the fall. Their nests are built along the roadsides, or beside stonewalls or any place affording satisfactory shelter. The nest is made of dried grasses and is arched over with grass or overhanging leaves so as to conceal the eggs. They lay from ten to twenty pure white eggs, which are very frequently nest stained when found. Size 1.20 x .95. Often two or three broods are raised in a season, but frequently one or more broods are destroyed by rainy weather.



C. A. Reed.

BOB WHITE. Female   Male.

BOB WHITE. Female - Male.

Bobwhite. Florida Bobwhite. Masked Bobwhite.

Bobwhite. Florida Bobwhite. Masked Bobwhite.

289a. Florida Bob-White. Colinus Virginianus Floridanus

Range. - This sub-species, which is found in the southern half of Florida, is very much darker than the northern Bob-white, and is numerously barred below with black. Its nesting habits and eggs are identical with those of the preceding.



289b. Texas Bob-White. Colinus Virginianus Texanus

Range. - Texas; casually north to Kansas. A grayer variety of the Bob-white. The nesting habits and eggs are the same as those of the Bob-white, except that the eggs may average a trifle smaller. Size 1.18 x .92.