Range. - Arctic regions, in America south nearly to the United States border, and casually to Maine.

Ptarmigan are Grouse-like birds, feathered to the toe nails; they have many changes of plumage, in winter being nearly pure white, and in summer largely reddish brown or grayish, bar-red with black. In the breeding plumage they have red comblike wattles over the eye. In other seasons, their plumage varies in all degrees between winter and summer. They nest on the ground in hollows among the leaves, lined with a few grasses, and sometimes feathers. They lay from six to sixteen eggs which have a ground color of buff or brownish buff, heavily speckled, blotched and marbled with blackish brown. Size 1.75 x 1.25.

Willow Ptarmigan Rock Ptarmigan

Willow Ptarmigan. Rock Ptarmigan.

301a. Allen's Ptarmigan. Lagopus Lagopus Alleni

Range. - Newfoundland. A very similar bird to the preceding; eggs indistinguishable.

Brownish buff

Brownish buff.