Range. - Interior of British America, from the United States boundary northwest to the Yukon.

Sharp-tailed Grouse are similar in form to the Prairie Chicken, but are somewhat smaller and very much lighter in color, being nearly white below, with arrowhead markings on the breast and flanks. This species is very abundant in Manitoba and especially so on the plains west of Hudson Bay. Their nests are generally concealed under a thicket or a large tuft of grass, and are lined with grasses and feathers. They lay from six to fifteen eggs of a drab color, very minutely specked all over with brown. Size 1.70 x 1.25.

Pale buff

Pale buff.

Prairie Sharp tailed Grouse

Prairie Sharp-tailed Grouse.

Buffy drab

Buffy drab.

308a. Columbian Sharp-Tailed Grouse. Pedioecetes Phasianellus Col- Umbianus

Range. - Northwestern United States and British Columbia to central Alaska. Both the nesting habits and eggs of this variety are the same as the last, with which species, the birds gradually intergrade as their ranges approach.

308b. Prairie Sharp-Tailed Grouse. Pedioecetes Phasianellus Campes-Tris

Range. - Plains of the United States from the Mississippi to the Rockies. This sub-species shades directly into the two preceding where their ranges meet, and only birds from the extreme parts of the range of each show any marked differences. The nesting habits and eggs of all three are not to be distinguished.

308b Prairie Sharp Tailed Grouse Pedioecetes Phasi 562