Range. - North Atlantic Coast, breeding range the same as the common Murre.

Varies from white to greenish blue

Varies from white to greenish blue.

This species differs from the common Murre in having a shorter and thicker bill, the base of the cutting edge of which is less feathered. They breed on the same islands in company with the common Murre and their eggs are indistinguishable. Data. - Coast of South Labrador. Single egg laid on ledge of cliff. About three hundred birds in the colony.

31 Brunnich Murre Uria Lomvia Lomvia 61

31a. Pallas Murre. Uria Lomvia Arra

Range. - The Pacific coasts and islands.

This is the Pacific form of Brunnich Murre. Its breeding range is more northerly than that of the California variety. Countless thousands of them breed on the islands off the coast of Alaska, their breeding habits and eggs being the same as the more southern form.