Range. - The Rocky Mountains and westward to the Pacific, from British Columbia south to Mexico.

This large species may be generally recognized by the white crescent on the nape; it is about 15 inches in length. They nest abundantly on the mountain ranges, sometimes in large flocks, and again, only a few pairs together. Their nests are rude platforms of sticks and twigs either in bushes or in large trees in heavily wooded districts. The two eggs which are laid during May or June are pure white in color, and like those of all the pigeons, equally rounded at each end. Size 1.55 x 1.10.

312a. Viosca's Pigeon. Columba Fasciata Vioscae

Range. - Southern Lower California. This is a paler variety of the preceding species and is not noticeably different in its habits, nesting or eggs.