Range. - South Atlantic and Gulf States to eastern Texas.

The Ground Doves are the smallest of the family, measuring but about 6.5 inches in length. Their nesting habits and eggs are exactly like those of the next to be described. They are very abundant, especially along the South Atlantic coast.

320a. Mexican Ground Dove. Chaemepelia Passerinus Pallescens

Range. - Border of the United States from Texas to southern California and southward.

This paler sub-species builds a nest of twigs and weeds, placing the flat structure either in low bushes or on the ground. Their two white eggs are laid during April to July, they sometimes rearing two broods a season. Size of eggs, .85 x .65.

320b. Bermuda Ground Dove. Chaemepelia Passerina Bermudiana

Range. - Bermuda. Smaller and paler than the last; otherwise the same in nesting habits and eggs.



320b Bermuda Ground Dove Chaemepelia Passerina Ber 588Inca Dove Ground Dove

Inca Dove. Ground Dove.