Range. - Northern Hemisphere, breeding within the Arctic Circle, more commonly in the Old World.

In the breeding plumage, this Jaeger has the crown and face blackish; back and sides of head, throat and under parts pure white, except the pointed stiffened feathers of the neck which are yellow. Back, wings and tail blackish, the latter with the two middle feathers lengthened about four inches beyond the rest of the tail, and broad to the tips, which are twisted so that the feathers are vertical. They breed throughout the Arctic regions, but not as commonly in America as the following species. The nest is on the ground in the marsh grass and is made of grass and moss. They lay two and rarely three eggs of an olive brown or greenish color. These are spotted with brown and black. Size 2.20 x 1.70.

Deep olive brown

Deep olive brown.

36 Pomarine Jaeger Stercorarius Pomarinus 77