Range. - Northern North America; wintering regularly south to the northern border of the United States and casually farther.

This is the largest of American Owls, being about 26 inches in length; it does not weigh nearly as much, however, as the Great Horned or Snowy Owls, its plumage being very light and fluffy, and dark gray in color. mottled with white. The facial disc is very large, and the eyes are small and yellow, while those of the Barred Owl are large and blue black. They nest in heavily wooded districts, building their nests of sticks, chiefly in pine trees. The two to four white eggs are laid during May and June; size 2.15 x 1.70.

Great Gray Owl

Great Gray Owl.



370 Great Gray Owl Scotiaptex Nebulosa 705370 Great Gray Owl Scotiaptex Nebulosa 706

370. Lapp Owl. Scotiaptex Nebulosa Lapponica

A paler form of the Great Gray Owl, inhabit ing the Arctic regions of the Old World; accidental on the coast of Alaska. Their nesting habits and eggs do not differ from those of the American bird.