Range. - North America, east of the Plains and north to Labrador.



Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl.

This species and its varieties are the only large Owls having conspicuous ear tufts. They are about 22 inches in length, and have a mottled brown, black and white plumage, barred below. This is also one of the "Hoot Owls," but is not nearly as abundant as the Barred Owl. It is one of the strongest of the family, and captures rabbits, grouse and poultry, and is very often found to have been feeding upon, or to have been in the immediate vicinity of a skunk. They nest very early, January, February and March. Deserted Hawk's or Crow's nests are very frequently used by this bird, if they are located in dense woods. They also sometimes nest in hollow cavities in large trees. They lay from two to four pure white eggs. Size 2.25 x 1.85.

375a. Western Horned Owl. Bubo Virginianus Pallescens

Range. - Western North America, except the Pacific coast.

375a Western Horned Owl Bubo Virginianus Pallescen 714

374 - 375a

A smaller and lighter colored form of the preceding, having the same habits and the eggs being indistinguishable from those of the eastern bird.

375b. Arctic Horned Owl. Bubo Virginianus Subarcticus

Range. - Interior of Arctic America from Hudson Bay to Alaska; south in winter to the northwestern tier of states.

A very pale colored Horned Owl with little or no buff or brownish in the plumage, some specimens (very rare) being pure white with only a few black bars on the back. Their nesting habits are the same and the eggs do not vary appreciably from those of the eastern Horned Owl.

375c. Dusky Horned Owl. Bubo Virginianus Saturatus

Range. - Pacific coast from California to Alaska.

This is the darkest of the Horned Owls, the extreme case being nearly black on the back and very dark below. Nesting the same as the Great Horned Owl.

375d. Pacific Horned Owl. Bubo Virginianus Pacificus

Range. - California, southward and east to Arizona.

Smaller and darker than the eastern form but not as dark as the last. Eggs the same as those of the others.

375d Pacific Horned Owl Bubo Virginianus Pacificus 719

375e. Dwarf Horned Owl. Bubo Virginianus Elachistus

Range. - Lower California.

This is a similar but darker form of the Horned Owl and is very much smaller than virginianus. The nesting habits will be the same, but the eggs may average smaller.