Range. - Northern portion of the Old World; accidental in Alaska. Similar to the American species, but lighter and more brownish.

377 European Hawk Owl Surnia Ulula Ulula 723377 European Hawk Owl Surnia Ulula Ulula 724American Hawk Owl

American Hawk Owl.

377a. Hawk Owl. Surnia Ulula Caparoch

Range. - Northern North America, breeding from the central portions of British America northward; probably also breeds in the Rocky Mountains in the northern tier of states and casually farther.



This handsome mottled and barred, gray and black Owl might readily be mistaken for a Hawk, because of his Hawk-like appearance and long rounded tail. They are very active birds, especially in the day time, for they are more diurnal than nocturnal; their food is mostly of small rodents, and also small birds. They nest either in the tops of large fir trees, in hollows of stumps, or, in some cases, upon the ground. When in trees their nests are made of twigs, leaves and weeds, and sometimes lined with moss and feathers; they lay from three to eight white eggs, size 1.50 x 1.20. Data. - Labrador, May 3, 1899. Five eggs. Nest in the top of a dead tree, 15 feet from the ground.