Range. - Rocky Mountain region and westward; from British Columbia southward. These interesting little Owls, which are but seven inches in length, feed in the day time upon insects, mice and, occasionally, small birds. They frequent extensively wooded districts, chiefly in the mountain ranges. They nest in tall trees, generally in deserted Woodpeckers' holes, laying three or four white eggs during May; size about 1.00 x .90.

379a. California Pygmy Owl. Glaucidium Gnoma Calif Ornicum

Range. - Pacific coast from British Columbia, south through California. This sub-species is darker and more brownish than the last. It is not an uncommon bird in California. They nest in the tallest trees along the ranges, often being found 75 or more feet from the ground. The eggs do not differ from those of the Pygmy Owl, ranging in size from 1.00 x .85 to 1.20 x .95.

379.1. Hoskin's Pygmy Owl. Glaucidium Hoskinsi

Range. - Southern Lower California.

This species is smaller and more gray than the preceding. It is not probable that its manners of nesting or eggs differ in any respect from those of the others of this genus.

Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl.

379 1 Hoskin s Pygmy Owl Glaucidium Hoskinsi 731379 1 Hoskin s Pygmy Owl Glaucidium Hoskinsi 732