Range. - Mexican border of the United States, chiefly in Arizona and New Mexico.

This species is entirely different from any others of our Woodpeckers, being uniform brownish above, and soiled whitish below, spotted with black. The male bird has a red crescent on the nape. They are said to be fairly abundant in some sections of southern Arizona. Their nesting habits do not vary from those of the other Woodpeckers found in the same regions, and they show no especial preference for any particular kind of a tree in which to lay their eggs. The nesting season appears to be at its height in April. The pure white eggs average in size about .85 x .60.

398 Arizona Woodpecker Dryobates Arizonae 773


398 Arizona Woodpecker Dryobates Arizonae 774398 Arizona Woodpecker Dryobates Arizonae 775